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Gone are long queues and the like for parking your car. With the transformation of parking industry, it aims at providing a greater convenience for the customers. Valets create a pleasing welcoming environment on the way and a hassle-free good bye on the way out. With utmost sincerity in greeting and opening the door with a warm smile, valet parking services makes their guests feel special. It is not just parking the vehicles, but a customer service. A good customer service must be acknowledged and tipping the parking valet is the way of appreciation and showing gratitude. Gratzeez helps your way-in and out and cashless Valet Parking-tipping for the best service received.

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Why the transformation of parking industry as a high-technology leader has been the most demanding one recently? The new technology of pay-by-phone, online passes or pay-by-debit card provides convenience not only to guest but also to managers in these businesses in better control and revenue systems, quick reporting and safer amenities. The advanced technology has already been taken into action in some places and the role of Gratzeez in satisfying both the customers and the valet parking service providers is magnificent. It just makes a good common sense for the hospitality industry to utilize the technology at its peak to receive the better performance out of valet parking facilities. Get the heights of success with Gratzeez!!!

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