Tipping to Taxi Driver

Why a Quality Driving Should be Appreciated?

A safe and comfortable journey is what passengers look for and make the taxi services an appreciable one. It is not just picking and dropping at the place where you need to be, but the taxi drivers are the ones who serve you right from when you book them for journey assistance. A friendly warm welcoming smile offered sets the trip tone that creates a pleasing journey through out. Isn't it? With the rise of professionals who works throughout, doesn'€™t have time even to ride to their workplace sometimes and ends up in seeking a taxi driver. A secured ride without interrupting your comfort can make a huge difference when it is time to appreciate them. Gratzeez offers a better tipping app for making a generous tip to taxi driver.

An Ultimate Way of Rewarding for Pleasing Safe Driver

Give Tip to Safe Driver by App

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Unlike before since the taxi industry is changing rapidly, everyone is likely to use a mobile or web app for peer-to-peer ride. Hiring a traditional taxi has gone completely and so the payment processes too runs entirely through web or mobile app. Thus the tipping to taxi driver procedure is dull since customers think tipping can only be done by cash and they may not have money at the time. Gratzeez helps those customers to pay tips with a seamless transaction for an awesome service they received.

"Choose a ride and we make it safe and memorable."