What is GratZeez exactly?

GratZeez is a mobile app that streamlines transactions between customers, businesses and service providers. We enable customers to pay for services using fast, user friendly and secure technology that encourages gratuity giving and feedback to service providers. The GratZeez Dashboards allow the owners and management of a business to instantly view how customers are rating their establishment's level of service and its service providers. GratZeez also generates expense reports for customers on the go, enabling them to keep track of money spent on business travels and meetings.

Who is a "service provider"?

Anyone in the service industry: Waiters/waitresses, bellhops, housekeepers, taxi drivers, stewards/stewardesses, postal carriers, teachers, mechanics, law enforcement officers. etc.

How does GratZeez work?

GratZeez utilizes ibeacon technology to connect service providers to customers. Once a service provider registers with the app, they receive an ibeacon device which looks like a quarter sized button and can be worn on a lapel or the outside of a pocket. When activated, the ibeacon device transmits a signal, enabling anyone using the app to locate that service provider. This allows the customer and service provider to find one another quickly and without having to exchange any personal information.

What gave you the idea to begin work with GratZeez?

I have been traveling all over the world for the past twenty years, relying on people in the service industry to help make my experience as smooth and comfortable as possible. As many people know, business travel can be hectic and uncomfortable. When someone gives you that extra level of service, it is greatly appreciated and it feels good to show your appreciation.There are so many times when I would have given a small tip amount to a service provider to appreciate their service, but I didn't have the cash, or the timing was off. I realized the need for a tool that could help mediate this interaction at those moments.

How do you see GratZeez changing the way the service industry works?

GratZeez can help encourage excellent service while building a healthier echo system. The United States has a large amount of wealth with a small amount of people. GratZeez is one way to get money moving while encouraging excellent service and accountability.