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Tip to Parcel Delivery Services

How special it is to get a parcel from our loved ones or to receive an online shopped item or a pizza when you are hungry when you are at home? With the digital established world, ecommerce is the fast growing market for retailers. Every person choose to buy online and to enjoy being in home with the order delivered at their door steps. It is becoming increasingly inevitable for the brands to focus online clients and create a customized shopping experience. There is also a point of view that today’s only online users are looking for traditional stores to drive benefits. Even the large brands are converging physical and digital worlds for the customers to choose their ultimate requirement where as few leading organizations remain only one or the other. Gratzeez finds nearby service centers for all your needs in online shopping as well as for courier services, logistics services, parcel delivery services and restaurant services as well as to give tip to delivery boy with a cashless transaction.

An Ultimate Way of Rewarding for Pleasing delivery services

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Gratzeez at Your Service

It is a changing trend for customer “at home” experience with all new solutions for ordering, paying, tipping and even reserving the dining. Every consumer is prepared to pay for the flexibility for their delivery choices and leveraging the latest technologies ensure a best customer satisfaction through accuracy in delivery. Tip to parcel delivery services via Gratzeez with a simpler interface for an easier and faster tipping by phone. Due to the loyalty, digital touch points are incredible for service providers today. Make your move to tip for deliveries for the ultimate taste they combine just for you!!

"Breathtaking customer experience at your doorstep….let your expectation exceeds with an opportunity."